Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crafting Galore this Holiday Season

So I am a little late but....MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope your holidays have been filled with love and rejoicing over the birth of our Savior!
We had a wonderful first married Christmas with lots of traveling, lots of family, and lots of love! We truly feel blessed! We also enjoyed some vaca time and finished/started many projects....here is a glimpse at those projects with tutorials on the way! :)
We made this chalkboard for my sister for Christmas...
We made these for a family friend....
using this inspiration ->

I received THIS for Christmas!!
and used it to make THESE for a baby shower I am hosting!
and I got to do a lot of snuggling with this...
and yes he CHOSE to sleep like this :) All in all a very MERRY Christmas season!

Food Tip: Sweet potatoes are in season right now...buy them in bulk and spend a night making sweet potato fries (baked of course!) then throw them in a bag and throw them in a freezer to enjoy for weeks on!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So I figured in mentioning all the new things going on at the Keating residence I need to mention one of our newest additions...
He was a stray that a friend was giving away...once I saw his picture I couldn't resist! He's a golden retriever lab mix...so yes he will be big! But he's cute, cuddly, and so sweet...did I mention he's cute?
Here he is with our black lab, Jezebel...awww just a little while ago Jezebel was this tiny...
They are both cute and fun and we love them!
disclaimer: I apologize for the bad iphone pics...one day we'll get a grown up camera!

Fun Food Tip: An egg yolk has almost one day's worth of cholesterol! If you enjoy eggs have one yolk and the rest whites or just egg whites...your heart will thank you!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's that time of the year

YAY!!! I LOVE this time of the year! My favorite holiday is in it (Thanksgiving!) and I love decorating, colder weather (as long as I'm inside), and apple cider. One of my favorite things to do during this season is to sit inside a quiet coffee shop with dim lighting drinking a skinny hot peppermint mocha (or hot chai) while the weather is cold outside. hmmmm I feel like some of best thinking has come from just that scenario :) ahhhh but back to reality (which includes sitting in my warm house and a finished yogurt next to me...almost as good of a situation!) I will now show you all the pictures I have been promising for a while
Chaz's classroom!!!
With all the anticipation I have built up for these pics please be prepared for some disappointment as the things we did aren't really THAT creative AND I only have 3 pics...but nonetheless ENJOY
These are boards in chaz's room that we decorated with moss to give a Louisiana theme (he teaches biology). The brown one was covered with a burlap fabric as it is a stick pin board. We painted the green trim on the white board because it was just a plain wood before.
Here's where the real work came in...Chaz and I chose the fabric for those chairs and recovered them....we also sanded down the wood to give a more vintage/guy feel. We recycled that table from an old bookshelf he had...we added the legs and painted it green (to match the white board). Chaz also painted the checkerboard and made the pieces (out of wood). That little cubby is now filled with games and puzzles and cards for the kids to enjoy when they finish their work (wait?! I thought he was supposed to be teaching :) ALSO yes ladies and gentleman what you see here is my very first attempt at a pillow (and a rather pathetic attempt if you ask me) BUT it does have little buttons on the side for the closure. I wish I would have showed you in the picture because it did give it a nice little touch!

So see unfortunately that's all I have but it definitely helped spruce the place up a bit!
And next on our blog for today are some pictures of our latest endeavor...our first Christmas tree! I guess you can say we got a little tree happy because we ended up taking home a 10 ft tree. Now while we do have a 12 foot vaulted ceiling the incline in the height is in the middle of our living room...needless to say we had to trim this sucker down!

Here is a picture of our tree prior to cutting it down...notice the size between me and the tree! I have to admit I had my speculations as to whether it would even FIT, but my husband assured me it would...
Now after 2 HOURS of trying to stand the tree on the base we ended up with this giant...anchored on the wall by fishing line! :)
CAN YOU SAY GIANT?!? My husband just laughed a lot this night...so did I...what great memories!
So like I told you GINORMOUS...but at least we will learn for next year...or will we :) Got the lights on and some poinsettias...just need ornaments, a skirt, and WRAPPED gifts. How EXCITING!

FUN FOOD TIP: Have mushy bananas? Make banana bread...my recommendation...do 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 all-purpose flour. You can hardly taste the difference and at least you are getting some fiber! Go ahead, try it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Alright...all I can say is I'm working on getting better :) There...WHEW I'm back! It's been too long, but things have gotten so crazy that I am awake at 7:15 (woke up at 5 with Chaz) to write this blog and I don't have to be at my rotation until 11!!! That's how busy it is!! But no excuse...thank you fans for being patient! So just a recap...I know I promised pictures from Chaz's classroom and that is what I will give...on the next one (got a new phone=lost pictures).
One activity the family participated in during my hiatus from the blogging world was the Alzheimer's walk. It was a gorgeous day on LSU's campus for a wonderful walk with loving family in memory of such :) Here are some pictures of such said loving family:

Mom, Sister, Dad

Me, Mom, Sister, Dad
Unfortunately, my husband was away taking a firework truck driving test...he passed :)

I will now give you a sneak peak of projects I am working on and my inspirations behind them

Inspiration from justagirlblog.com

Makings of Reality
Location of Reality:

And for my BIG project I will be starting soon...hopefully! Took some convincing to start so now that I have the "go ahead" just gathering funds :)


Where Reality will occur:
I will finally have room for my computing things so this will no longer happen....

So as things progress I shall report updates...as well as a few pics of Chaz's classroom...I promise! Was great chatting again!

Nutrition Tip:
Drinking whole milk?!?! Switch to 2% or 1%...same amount of calcium and protein...whole milk just has more saturated fat!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Latest Update

well...sad to say it has yet again been a while since my last post...BUT there has been improvement so it's just a slow moving process to progress :) the problem is I get SO wrapped up in reading other people's blogs (really I could do it ALL day if I allowed myself) that I lose the time for writing/adding to mine! But here are some fun updates that have occurred:

Chaz and I have decided that our tastes in food are too rich for our blood...but good thing we like to cook. One night the menu was homemade wheat waffles with a homemade blueberry compote...DELICIOUS!

So that time finally came...RACHEL AND BJ GOT MARRIED! YAY...here is a picture from our nail trip! This nail place was INCREDIBLY nice (they gave Rachel a free mani for her wedding!) Check out her Elton John glasses...compliments of the blonde posing behind her :)

I also LOVE to bake...but don't get to do it as much...with only TWO people in this house it's hard to keep cupcakes around...we'd eat them all quickly! Soooooo for a prayer bridal shower I went to (such an amazing idea) I got the chance to make these little cinnamon role look-alike cupcakes! While they definitely weren't the prettiest (there were some other ones there that put me to shame)....they were ABSOLUTELY yummy! Cupcake mix with added strawberry puree' and a homemade cream cheese frosting with strawberry puree' as well! While the icing turned out runny I actually did like the way these looked...so girly and shabby chic :)

So my good friend, Katie, picked up these knobs for me at TJ Max....she said they were just too cute to pass up and she said she knew I'd love them....SHE WAS SO RIGHT! They are so adorable and are already on my desk in my guest bedroom! Thanks Katie...I LOVE them :)

I too made a TJ Max trip and found these darling seat cushions for cheap! Aren't they so cute?!

Here are just a few of the latest updates...Chaz's classroom pics coming next blog!

Blueberries and strawberries are in season right now, which means they are on sale! Purchase containers of each and freeze them in ziplocs (slice the strawberries). That way you can use them later in any type of baked goods and can get them at a great deal! Hence the blueberry compote recipe! So easy to make and frozen berries were used They are also GREAT in smoothies! They take the place of ice in a smoothie, which means less watered down concoctions!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So here I am! I told y'all I'd be visiting more frequently! And why not...I've got so many great things to blog about...married life is sweet ;) And on that topic...I AM SO LUCKY! Today my hubby went and fished out of his kayak catching us our dinner for tonight...FLOUNDER


Mid-way cooking


"Fish fry" biscuits to go with it!

-Enjoy some low-fat frozen yogurt for dessert or a sweet treat! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

WAY too long

WOW...so sorry followers I have waited WAY too long for my next blog post but these past 2 months have been CRAZY (no excuse though I know)...so quick recap to catch ya up to speed

The Wedding
...was amazing!!!! So lovely, such a gorgeous day, so filled with Christ...and yet SO warm! As a lot of you know we did have a wedding crasher, which was both fun and exciting! Although she joined the party sans invitation, she was sweet and gave us a gift :)

Aside from that craziness the day was filled with family and fun! We loved it and kind of wish we could relive that day :)

Post Wedding
We are now residing right outside of New Orleans which has both its pros and cons
-closer to New Orleans
=more day trips
-closer to our third family
=The Singletary's!
-less traffic than BR
-nice area to live in
-more free time because of
less study time
-the start of our new life together!

-further from our BR friends
-less things to do in the city
-away from our home church
-more money spent on gas
-two words THE CAUSEWAY
-we are growing up...out of college life

But all and all it has been an amazing transition! God is so good and has provided beautifully for us! We are truly fortunate to have such an opportunity to know Him and His grace and see it at work!
So now we have been hard at work decorating and getting this place to look like "our" place and we are loving every minute of it! For now here are some recent decorating pics from the new place for your viewing pleasure! O and btw I have now taken up sewing, guitar, and blogging so while my hobbies are fun and busy I PROMISE to devote more time to my followers! :)

Chaz hung this tulle for me while he shook his head...he's so good!

My sister-in-law gave me this chandelier...it has found it's way over our bar :) just need bar stools! with time...

So ironically the guest bathroom is one of my favorite rooms, I just love all the colors...

Poor Chaz, sometimes he doesn't understand my style so when I asked to hang up old rusted shutters he just did what he was asked...but I think he agrees they turned out pretty neat!

Also, I have been racking my brain to figure out how to end these blogs and I have come up with an idea: each time I will give a nutrition tip, whether it's a snack tip or an fyi I figured it would be very appropriate for me to do such! So enjoy:

One of my favorite snacks: celery, peanut butter, and raisins...fiber, protein, and sweet! What's not to love! Try it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wedding things (plus random tidbits)

So I have (as well as Chaz) been working FEVERISHLY (what a fun word) on wedding things, packing for the move (which will occur Monday), and just getting everything ready for the beginning of our life together! :) But I knew I needed to make time for my blog followers (all 4 of you...thanks for your devotion! lol) and I was planning on revealing all the wedding details after the big day but I'm so excited and proud of my little programs I had to share!

This is a picture of the front and back of the program. Is that a word search on the program you ask...WHY YES, YES IT IS (pencil included)! It also doubles as a fan for that hot June weather! These little buggers were/are a TON of work but I think so worth it!!! More pics to come after and don't worry I know i promised pics of our new place and they are coming...once I find that stinkin cord! lol

Inspiring verse (located on the program):
"Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. 2And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:1-2

-what a beautiful wedding verse... thank you Lord for loving us and giving us Christ to express that love!

BTW did you know the slush puppy is made out of apple and grape juice concentrate? Don't think that makes em good for ya though...sorry friends ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today is graduation day! As well as the year anniversary of the day I said "Yes" to the man I will love forever :) AND only 3 weeks from today until our big day! WOW how fantastic and fun! Having a big family party and SO excited! Pics coming from the new rental house Chaz and I just signed the lease on!!!!! But for now....some recent blog pics from our FANTASTIC wedding photographer Courtney Dellafiora! Please check out her blog! She is truly AHH MAZE ING!

Monday, May 10, 2010

FINISHED! wait...really? FINISHED!?!

So today has been pretty surreal! Not only is it MY BIRTHDAY..yep that's right the day my parents were graced with my parents...but I am FINISHED WITH SCHOOL! that's what i said I am completely finished! Finished with my MNT final, finished with my thesis, finished with my take home final...I'm done! And it's never felt so good! Wooo hooo...

So just a little birthday background for me...my dad does these hilarious signs every year for my sister and I (her birthday is the day after mine...2 years and a day apart-same birthday parties every year lol). This year sadly I wasn't able to see my birthday sign however I did see that my dad made it! It's always such cheesy phrases, but each year I secretly look forward to it! Just a family tradition that's goofy but so beautiful! :)

So now for my bday celebration story...seems like there is ALWAYS a story with me! lol Tonight Elena, Lauren, and Ali decided to go to La Carreta's for my bday dinner-just a normal dinner right? not quite...of course! Announcing my bday to the waiters, they return with a sombrero, song, and...a tequila shot. Now just a little background, alcohol=not me! hate the taste, the smell...enough said. So as I was trying to refuse the shot it all happened so fast, the waiters were pouring it down my throat and end result...i spit the shot out all over my clothes and me. Yea fun mood=ruined. I was embarrassed and a little annoyed and although there were no bad intentions with this...just wasn't me and the waiters, having never met me, didn't know that! ha so needless to say, fun dinner with the girls-bad shot! :) o well, there's always next year! HA wonder if i look 23? :)

picture to come-with the move i can't find my camera cords :(

Saturday, May 8, 2010


YES, I did start this blog at 11:15 P.M. the weekend before finals week...also a month before one of the happiest days of my life...my wedding! Why you ask? I've been DYING to get a blog going, but in a more spontaneous fashion-I was just sick of studying at the moment! So "redirected"...for the past year, I felt like Christ has been redirecting my heart in many ways

1.) I love kids...I used to not...I used to think I didn't want kids, but now I can't get enough of them! They make me laugh and I can see God's beauty in them! I want to wait a little while for kids...but not long!

2.) I want to be a homemaker...yes, the girl who was originally pre-med ready to be a doctor now wants to stay at home and raise kids, grow a garden, sew, paint, and dive into great books! I want to work for a little while, but I secretly pray Chaz gets a good job that enables me to stay home!

3.) I want to be creative...so this kind of relates to point #2, but let me elaborate. I was never good at drawing, painting, designing, or anything for that matter. But after all the book work (5 years in college) I am ready to be inspired! Planning this wedding has only fueled my passion and desire to be creative and I want to start NOW...this last year of school has been miserable because I no longer love school (yes I was that person that used to love to study and learn), but I now want to procrastinate and throw it all away to sew, paint, design, and whatever creative things I can think of. And I want to do all this creativeness for kids! :)

These are just a few ways God has directed my heart and I can't wait to see what He is preparing me for! AHH I love Him!

And now for my randomness...one thing I just get so frustrated with is those word verification things. I understand the purpose is to decrease spam, but come on...who can read those things? Half the time they have to regenerate a new word for me because I can't tell the letters apart! A little help here ppl!!! I even had an example of this word verification device, but it got replaced on my clipboard with genetic metabolic disorders...ahhhh school be over NOW, please! till next time...

Here is a pic from one of the most AHHH MAZE ING websites EVER=www.stylemepretty.com; source of wedding creativeness!