Thursday, July 15, 2010

WAY too long sorry followers I have waited WAY too long for my next blog post but these past 2 months have been CRAZY (no excuse though I know) quick recap to catch ya up to speed

The Wedding
...was amazing!!!! So lovely, such a gorgeous day, so filled with Christ...and yet SO warm! As a lot of you know we did have a wedding crasher, which was both fun and exciting! Although she joined the party sans invitation, she was sweet and gave us a gift :)

Aside from that craziness the day was filled with family and fun! We loved it and kind of wish we could relive that day :)

Post Wedding
We are now residing right outside of New Orleans which has both its pros and cons
-closer to New Orleans
=more day trips
-closer to our third family
=The Singletary's!
-less traffic than BR
-nice area to live in
-more free time because of
less study time
-the start of our new life together!

-further from our BR friends
-less things to do in the city
-away from our home church
-more money spent on gas
-two words THE CAUSEWAY
-we are growing up...out of college life

But all and all it has been an amazing transition! God is so good and has provided beautifully for us! We are truly fortunate to have such an opportunity to know Him and His grace and see it at work!
So now we have been hard at work decorating and getting this place to look like "our" place and we are loving every minute of it! For now here are some recent decorating pics from the new place for your viewing pleasure! O and btw I have now taken up sewing, guitar, and blogging so while my hobbies are fun and busy I PROMISE to devote more time to my followers! :)

Chaz hung this tulle for me while he shook his head...he's so good!

My sister-in-law gave me this has found it's way over our bar :) just need bar stools! with time...

So ironically the guest bathroom is one of my favorite rooms, I just love all the colors...

Poor Chaz, sometimes he doesn't understand my style so when I asked to hang up old rusted shutters he just did what he was asked...but I think he agrees they turned out pretty neat!

Also, I have been racking my brain to figure out how to end these blogs and I have come up with an idea: each time I will give a nutrition tip, whether it's a snack tip or an fyi I figured it would be very appropriate for me to do such! So enjoy:

One of my favorite snacks: celery, peanut butter, and raisins...fiber, protein, and sweet! What's not to love! Try it!


Kelly said...

I feel so honored to have our family mentioned by name in your blog! And to be mentioned as your family! Awesome! You know you are like our kids! We love having you close. Cute blog! I'm going to enjoy reading it!! And maybe get inspired to create one! Love you, girlie!

Romantic Savy said...

I love your decorating tastes....very elegant and romantic!

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