Wednesday, October 19, 2011

whew, it's been a while

top: {target}, jacket: {old navy}, necklace: {handmade}

well that was a long break. i'm not even exactly sure what it was due to. maybe it was the sickness i received this weekend {no people, i took a test i'm not with child}, maybe it was the 101+ projects i have to complete, maybe it was a new big item i'm working on {cliff hanger right?}...anywho, it was a long break that i will try not to do again in the future. i mean my followers and paparazzi need me right?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rockstar and a pyrotechnician

today i will accept rockstar status. let me back up to explain. my husband is a pyrotechnician...umm ok make sense now. so my husband shoots firework shows. he works for a firework company and aside from being a captain and environmental scientist, he is also licensed as a pyrotechnician. yep most random man you will know {especially when he sings his responses to me, that gets real random. i digress.} so when he is gone shooting firework shows, i am hanging out by myself and left to my own devices. this recent time i attempted to tackle something that has been beating me for a while...homemade bread. hence the rockstar status. while they didn't all turn out pretty, both the blueberry cinnamon rolls and mini monkey bread were phenomenal. therefore as aforementioned, today i accept rockstar status and am married to a pyrotechnician. rockstar + pyrotechnician=match made in heaven. k now back to earth.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

new kicks

like my new kicks? 
wanna know where they are from?
wait for it.
wait for it.
yep that's right! 
uh huh.
whew it feels good to get that out in the open.

hubs is so impressed by my resourcefulness!
and yet knows none of this is possible without the lovely pinterest

Thursday, September 22, 2011

sunday morning conversation

top {aeropostale}; skirt {thrifted liz claiborne}; belt {forever21}; tie belt {thrifted christian dior}; shoes {thrifted target}
past sunday pre church convo:

me: "hunny, i'm dressed"
husband: "is that my tie?"
me: "uh huh {very proud of myself}, i was inspired by this blog"
husband: "oh geez"
me: "you love it???"
husband: "i love you..."
me: "you know one of the best things about being married? your wardrobe expands. ok well my wardrobe expands. not yours, i'd prefer you not wearing my wardrobe. but i can wear yours cause menswear is big right now!"
husband: "yeeeaaaa i don't know about letting you on my side anymore"
me: "but look how resourceful i am!" {i say as i'm walking out the room...}
and you know what, this conversation isn't even out of the norm
and yes ladies and gentleman {are there gentleman reading this? if so give a shout out!} not one but two pieces of this outfit were a whopping $1: that christian dior red polka dot tie {correct christian dior} and the ruffled perfect heels

Meet Virginia Design

Monday, September 19, 2011

prep work

so lately i've had honor of watchin these kiddos since we are now back in br . their parents, a&k, are good friends of husband and mine and since full time jobs have yet to see the gem in me {geez humbleness cait}, i'm able to come offer my help when needed. sometimes it's a crazy house...ok lots o' times its a crazy house {just check out her blog} but it's a ton of fun! it's that type of crazy fun. each one has such different personalities, but they are each so sweet and love jesus. plus it's good practice for when our chill' ren come along. but until then i'll love on theirs. 
i'm sure she convinced him that he looked better on the pink bike. by the end of the bike ride he was telling her the pink bike was his. yea she's that girl {genius}.
but every genius has their mistakes. 
yep a&k, he was on his way up. but i got him {after i snapped the picture}
yes they are twins and yes they look nothing alike.
{there's one more but she's in school}
thanks a&k for letting me love on your kids. so glad to be back!  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

forever lsu

this past weekend was our first lsu home game. oh how i've missed these nights! i've missed the eagerness these games held as a student. getting on campus at wee hours just to hang out with friends and eat good food throughout the day. then to stand at the student gate for an hour, get patted down typically twice or three times {ok that part was obnoxious} and sit in the student section for two hours prior to the game... the student section in death valley! come rain or shine we were sitting there {but then again it never rains in tiger stadium} while i miss being a student football fan, it was still so good being back in the stadium even if it is as an alumnus. plus the weather was fantastic!

it holds a different meaning being a tiger fan. but one i love so dearly.

thanks k&a for the tickets.
forever lsu.

pictures via instagram

Thursday, September 8, 2011

beach trip via instagram

yes friends, those coffee filters have been reestablished as party hats! many restaurant birthday celebrations happened!