Monday, May 10, 2010

FINISHED! wait...really? FINISHED!?!

So today has been pretty surreal! Not only is it MY BIRTHDAY..yep that's right the day my parents were graced with my parents...but I am FINISHED WITH SCHOOL! that's what i said I am completely finished! Finished with my MNT final, finished with my thesis, finished with my take home final...I'm done! And it's never felt so good! Wooo hooo...

So just a little birthday background for dad does these hilarious signs every year for my sister and I (her birthday is the day after mine...2 years and a day apart-same birthday parties every year lol). This year sadly I wasn't able to see my birthday sign however I did see that my dad made it! It's always such cheesy phrases, but each year I secretly look forward to it! Just a family tradition that's goofy but so beautiful! :)

So now for my bday celebration story...seems like there is ALWAYS a story with me! lol Tonight Elena, Lauren, and Ali decided to go to La Carreta's for my bday dinner-just a normal dinner right? not quite...of course! Announcing my bday to the waiters, they return with a sombrero, song, and...a tequila shot. Now just a little background, alcohol=not me! hate the taste, the smell...enough said. So as I was trying to refuse the shot it all happened so fast, the waiters were pouring it down my throat and end result...i spit the shot out all over my clothes and me. Yea fun mood=ruined. I was embarrassed and a little annoyed and although there were no bad intentions with this...just wasn't me and the waiters, having never met me, didn't know that! ha so needless to say, fun dinner with the girls-bad shot! :) o well, there's always next year! HA wonder if i look 23? :)

picture to come-with the move i can't find my camera cords :(

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