Tuesday, August 30, 2011

an unemployed housewife

so lately i've been experiencing a new realm...the life of a housewife. and i gotta say...it ain't easy. now as i say that i recognize people may be saying, "not easy? you don't even have kids" truth. however, the hard part isn't the actual housewife part. in fact, im loving that life. waking up with hubby and having time to fix his breakfast and lunch for the day. reading blogs and catching up on the news while drinking my morning cup o' jeaux {thats the louisiana spelling}. working on projects throughout the day around the house. cooking dinner and having quality time with my man. then quiet time and bed. not gonna lie, i'm enjoying it. however the hard part is being patient. because while i love this housewife living i need a job. we got da bills to pay and now that i'm finally finished with school i'm eager to put it into practice. but this seems to be the worst time to graduate. jobs have been slim to none and with no experience {oh except for that year of free labor...but i guess that doesn't count mr. employers}the pickins are even smaller.  now technically i've only been looking for ~a month {which is must better than how long many people have been looking i know} but i'm confused as to what i should do...should i get a part time job for fear i'd have to quit as soon as i start? do i work a full time job anywhere else besides my field even though i've specialized in my field and would take myself out of the job market? do i apply for jobs even if it means an hour and a half commute one way? or do i just wait?
but i praise God! husband has a job and i know there is a plan. i know the Lord has a job for me and he has provided our finances through mysterious ways {seriously! i often look at our bank account and wonder how it all gets taken care of!}. and just as He's been faithful through monetary ways, He will continue to provide all that we need. so i pray. i pray for direction, i pray for comfort, i pray for patience, but more importantly i pray for trust. and through God's provision, i act...

friendly notice: q&a friday, bring on the questions! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

q&a friday

alright and here we go...first question was about quinoa {pronounced keen-wah}:
quinoa, one of my favorite new foods, looks similar to cous cous yet is in the leafy family {related to spinach}. however, to get even crazier quinoa is a complete protein. that's right friends, so if you are vegetarian or just looking for some meatless options {cause lets just face it, meat can get expensive} quinoa is a great alternative because it has all the amino acids amounts necessary in a serving size. while most of you may say, "that does not substitute for a meat" {husband, i am reading your mind right now}, nutritionally it does! it is also a good source of fiber as well. double whammy! now quinoa actually cooks similar to rice in that you 1. put it in water, 2. bring it to a boil, 3. and cover it to simmer and cook the water out {you can actually cook it in a rice cooker as well}. it will quickly produce this gorgeous red or cream colored {depending on the color you get} circular grain look-a-like at a 1:3 ratio. this means that 1 cup uncooked makes 3 cups. another great thing is that it is neutral in taste so you can make it sweet or savory...you decide. oh and btw it's gluten-free so if you are needing to follow a gluten-free diet, this is another option. so quinoa...go check it out!
here are some great recipe sources:
another question i had was regarding some healthy snack options. great question, as i get this often! now the biggest thing with healthy snacks is that they need to be convenient cause let's just be honest, we often choose processed snacks because they are just that. so when you get home from the grocery store or the night before you have to bring your lunch, make your snacks convenient. cut them up, portion them out, package them...whatever you do, make them easy to grab&go. now some healthy snack options include:
  • popcorn {not the "movie theatre extra butter kind," but the smart pop or light kind}
  • yogurt {light&low sugar}
  • peanut butter & apples
  • hummus & whole-grain pita
  • carrots/celery & low-fat ranch
  • trail mix {make your own-add lightly salted nuts, dried fruit, and m&ms} 
  • low-fat cheese and apples
  • fresh fruit & a light yogurt fruit dip
  • cottage cheese & fruit
  • homemade peanut butter crackers {whole grain crackers with pb}
  • homemade smoothie {light yogurt, frozen fruit, & some oj}
  • ants on a log {celery with pb and raisins}

the possibilities are endless! 

questions, comments, concerns...let me know! and keep those nutrition questions coming...until next friday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

craft room design

hi friends...ok so i know you've got more nutrition questions so let's have it!

in other news, as an unemployed wife i have taken it upon myself to be productive. with that comes the design of a craft room. hey, productivity comes in many shapes and sizes! while i will be posting some of my most frugalist {yep made that up} projects {unemployed} i will reveal to you all the inspirations of my design. granted this room will be a work in progress but i gotta get something set up. i need room to fix those clothes i keep messing with as my incessant need to restructure  my wardrobe{ie. cut and sew} continues. my idea for the room: navy & coral {with pops of yellow, gray, & white).
i just love the boldness the navy brings with the girlies of the coral. however, coral is not an easy color to find in fabrics so i have a feeling i'll be screen printing painting some shapes on pillows, etc.
and check out that sunburst mirror...it will go perfect over my newly painted desk. now if only i could find enough paint sticks.
the myth about paint sticks: they are free and paint stores will give them to you freely. 
the truth: paint stores will give you one stick/gallon of paint freely unless you ask nicely and then they will give at max two! but in order to acquire all the paint sticks you need for this mirror you must visit a number of other paint stores and i just don't know if there are that many in the state of louisiana. uncertain of what the heck i'm even talking about with the paint sticks...check out my pinterest
and after the design comes the organization
actually, i've already done this and i have to say hubby was impressed...till i told him i found the idea on pinterest. durn my honesty
will this organization ever be possible? one can only hope...

Friday, August 19, 2011

q&a friday

i've decided to try something new...since i'm an official rd {registered dietitian} and such, i want to share my knowledge with the world around me. so starting each friday i will answer nutrition questions you loyal followers submit. i know this blog is a smorgasbord {wow not easy to spell} so why not throw one more in the mix?! there is a lot of false nutrition information out there, so i'll be here helping differentiate between it all! do i know everything about nutrition? yes....ok ok no, but if  i don't, i will research it throughout the week and give you good sources to go to. 
so go ahead, throw some questions on this comment form and eagerly wait until friday for answers. come on...just click. you know you have one! like  which fiber granola bar is the best? or what about those whole grains in fruit loops, what's up with that?! or how do i eat out and eat healthy? see...there are tons of questions! so just hit the comment button, leave a quick one and that's that! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

big tub

so one reason we like our new place in the big city of br...garden tub.

cause who doesn't need some aromatherapy every now and then?
disclaimer: no animals were hurt in the taking of these photos or bath
other disclaimer: cleaning and sanitation followed the making of this shoot

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fall wishes

after reading one of my daily blog reads, i have been inspired to compile a fall wishlist on pinterest. hopefully i can find these items on sale and/or the best replica. hey i'm unemployed and on a budget peeps! 
i have been dreaming of a gold boyfriend watch. may marshall's/tj maxx will be good to me!

some closed toed booties paired with skinny jeans sounds perfect to me

i have adored shorts with tights for two winter seasons now and have finally found some. hey it was a difficult find, these days bootie shorts are all the rage and me just no likey.

riding boots would last me my lifetime, i'm sure of it!

the color of the wellies are dreamy. yes it's cool to call them wellies now.

stripes, you know me...nuff said

i have a few more items on my pinterest board so friend me and check it out! and if anyone could hint to the hubs regarding this board, i'd greatly appreciate it! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

an "official" weekend

this weekend was crazy busy and filled with fun, friends, and always food! it started with some of the most exciting news from within these past 6 years {well besides my engagement and wedding, but you get the picture}...i am officially a registered dietitian! yes you heard that right folks, i am official! after long hours and continuos classes {as well as that whole year of free labor} i have passed the test and can now officially tell you healthy ways to eat. whew! so after this exhausting test and exciting news, it was only proper that i sleep...for the rest of thursday. so that was kind of a blur. then on friday we celebrated the birth of a dear friend and enjoyed a little saints action! 
saturday, an event called "one for the orphan" where other people {pssh not me} ran a 5k and one man biked for 24 hours! thats correct....24 hours sans break for charity to support orphans in africa. 

i helped a friend in selling the stupendous products of a ministry called sak saum

you must check it out! i mean just look at this purse! perfection.
click the picture to order this purse. not your liking? there are so many other cute things on the site. you won't be disappointed! 

following, a continuation of my friend's birth celebration {we are serious about our birthdays around here} with a trip and all day event in lafayette. complete with shopping, food, and card game playing.

twas a good weekend and an amazing celebration for the end of an era...ahhh RD, thats me! and now for a job...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

light amidst the chaos

ok so it's not really chaos, more like uncontrollable anxiousness and uncertainty. the infamous test is coming up {keep praying} and in between the ongoing cups of coffee + the growth of my gluteus maximus due to lack of movement, we found time to do a small quaint date. this included the purchase of maps at border's going out of business sale, menchies fro yo {yea i said it}, and enjoying the scenery at our recently new city we live in {we just moved back}. it was a nice break and much needed. however, as i type this im thinking of profit margin, food temperatures, and vitamin a absorption. and im back...yep, makes you jealous doesn't it? ;)

lovely break