Tuesday, April 26, 2011


i'm so excited! yours truly got highlighted as a top pick for the chalkboard link i entered in with my herb and flower planter. no i didn't win an award and no i didn't win a prize, but the recognition was enough to light my face up with excitement :) guess that means more chalkboard projects for the future! go ahead and check out my project along with other amazing projects at whisperwood cottage! yay, they love me...they really love me hehehehe

WhisperWood Cottage

Monday, April 18, 2011

i think i need this

so tatertots and jello are doing this amazing giveway and i think i need it! i was just telling my main man how awesome having this machine would be
cause then i could make fabulous things like this
or this:
and even this...
ok so clearly i don't need this but how fun would it be? i would love to have it!
go check it out and enter as well!

Friday, April 15, 2011

a day in the life of...

so i find that im always intrigued by typical people's lives. are you? why are we? I mean many people lead similar lives to ours but i know for me if anyone posts about their day, im always dying to know the whats, whos, wheres, and whys. maybe it's because it gives me a closer bond to the writer behind the blog or maybe it's just cause i'm nosy ;) but whatever the case, i've decided these will be common {yet not overdone} occurrences on my blog: a picture report of my day. so here is is a day in the life of an intern on a field trip....pretty specific huh? :)

since my fieldtrip was close to my hubby's work i just rode in with him

because i was a little early after dropping him off at work i stopped by starbucks to grab a coffee and do my usual morning blog hopping! good ole skinny hazelnut latte'
 so today was kind of unusual though because i had a field trip to the bittersweet dairy manufacturer...and the other interns and i got to taste ahhh maze ing non-processed non-artificial flavored yogurts and cheeses
for you local louisianians, they sell this yogurt at whole foods...it's yummy!
then my class took a trip to a nursing home to learn charting techniques in long-term care while we enjoyed our sample ice cream from the dairy!
after the fieldtrip was over i picked my man up from his long day
and he asked to go to bass pro...i obliged :)
what the heck is a zoom baby brush hog anyway?!?!
if it were up to hubs our living room would look like this. camo=not my favorite
we then got home, ran to hobby lobby and michaels and stayed up making invitations for our friends' honey do shower he is helping host...eeekkkk they are getting married soon!
the reveal of these invitations will be coming soon!
so there was my day....not quite glamorous but such fun! 

*all images were taken using instagram

Friday, April 8, 2011

diy life

ahhh the life of a diy-er...here is what my breakfast table looks like...
ahhh so i know... i know...i haven't really been doing the nutrition tips and the truth is, i run out of things to talk about sometimes. i've been studying this for 5 years, so sometimes it's hard to remember questions that may come up. so if you have a specific nutrition question, shoot me a comment. yet as i was studying at the coffee shop this morning, i did come across a topic. granola!
yes, granola seems like such a healthy option, but be cautious! this food item packs a big punch in a small packet. sometimes these packs can carry the same amount of calories as a meal, with 1/4 of the day's worth of saturated fat {i just read a label with this much!} so while it is a better option than some other snacks, it should be enjoyed in smaller portions...sad but true! enjoy your granola, just don't overdue it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

locked out

so today started off...well lets just say just off...i locked myself out of the house with no car keys so i had to call my work and say i'd be late seeing as my husband now has to drive an hour and a half back to come unlock it! geez! but it does give me time to study and create this blog post so yay thats a positive! and at least i had my computer and phone! see good things come out of not so good things! so i will show yall the new dresser the hubster made for me! yep...thats what i said made...with no plans...on his mardi gras break week! gush! it's perfect and custom for the space in my room that needed it! thanks hubby...how lucky are you to deal with me and my needs ;)

i painted the top with these cute gray stripes...isn't that box so pretty? i found it at a thrift store...love!
o and just so you know my husband did come back and let me in...so rest assured! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

and now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

step v: the pots fit! notice the missing hole is the one that broke but it was replaced that night {hubby likes to finish projects quickly! good for me...usually}
and now....

ahhh i love it and am now getting sprouts YAY!

just linked to these parties...check it out! there are some fabulous projects 

The DIY Show Off  


Monday, April 4, 2011

planter tutorial

here are the steps we followed to make the planter bench...the rest of the pictures (beside the supply one) are in black and white because i think it'll give a big punch of surprise once the reveal is complete!

step i: he attached the wooden braces to the metal bench

step ii: we attached plywood on top of wooden slats {this will hold your pots}. husband said {after it was done} he preferred not to do this step and just leave the slats but i liked the plywood base and you'll see why later.
step iii: we arranged the ceramic pots in the order that we wanted them to sit on the bench. this was when i woke up from my nap and saw that husband came up with the idea to scatter them sporadically. i loved it {he knows me fairly well}! he then drew a circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the lip of the pot on the plywood.

step iv: using his new jigsaw...he cut out the circles he drew {going to use those circles for something but not sure what yet}
stay tuned...to be continued :)

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