Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Alright...all I can say is I'm working on getting better :) There...WHEW I'm back! It's been too long, but things have gotten so crazy that I am awake at 7:15 (woke up at 5 with Chaz) to write this blog and I don't have to be at my rotation until 11!!! That's how busy it is!! But no excuse...thank you fans for being patient! So just a recap...I know I promised pictures from Chaz's classroom and that is what I will give...on the next one (got a new phone=lost pictures).
One activity the family participated in during my hiatus from the blogging world was the Alzheimer's walk. It was a gorgeous day on LSU's campus for a wonderful walk with loving family in memory of such :) Here are some pictures of such said loving family:

Mom, Sister, Dad

Me, Mom, Sister, Dad
Unfortunately, my husband was away taking a firework truck driving test...he passed :)

I will now give you a sneak peak of projects I am working on and my inspirations behind them

Inspiration from justagirlblog.com

Makings of Reality
Location of Reality:

And for my BIG project I will be starting soon...hopefully! Took some convincing to start so now that I have the "go ahead" just gathering funds :)


Where Reality will occur:
I will finally have room for my computing things so this will no longer happen....

So as things progress I shall report updates...as well as a few pics of Chaz's classroom...I promise! Was great chatting again!

Nutrition Tip:
Drinking whole milk?!?! Switch to 2% or 1%...same amount of calcium and protein...whole milk just has more saturated fat!

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