Tuesday, November 30, 2010


So I figured in mentioning all the new things going on at the Keating residence I need to mention one of our newest additions...
He was a stray that a friend was giving away...once I saw his picture I couldn't resist! He's a golden retriever lab mix...so yes he will be big! But he's cute, cuddly, and so sweet...did I mention he's cute?
Here he is with our black lab, Jezebel...awww just a little while ago Jezebel was this tiny...
They are both cute and fun and we love them!
disclaimer: I apologize for the bad iphone pics...one day we'll get a grown up camera!

Fun Food Tip: An egg yolk has almost one day's worth of cholesterol! If you enjoy eggs have one yolk and the rest whites or just egg whites...your heart will thank you!

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