Thursday, March 31, 2011

hard week at work

so what do 3 dietetic interns treat themselves to after a hard week at work

our motto: "it's all about portions" and super cute bakeries on the side of the road :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

first attire post

so as you can read under the "my attire" tag i don't claim to be a fashion diva...but i'm inspired often my others fashion posts so here i go with a few of my own. enjoy!

dress:gap; sweater:thrifted: shoes:payless; bag:target {added belt for shoulder strap}; necklace:urban outfitters; belt:thrifted; sunglasses:forever21 {boys section}

Sunday, March 20, 2011

a day in nola

so we decided we girls needed a day...a day to do some exploring and photography of nola. a necessary day that we had yet to take amongst our internship. so we did it, we went and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and here are some pics documenting this time. enjoy!
check out those lanterns!

we were on magazine...of course we did some shopping!

cheesy jumping pic...what good sports

a picnic is a must...especially when it's at whole foods


bye alanna

bye rachel
it was fun!
and just for fun a pic of my distinguished puppy Remington...he was born to model!

Monday, March 14, 2011

i dare you....

dear patient i just did a nutrition counseling session with for an hour,

we had a great time chatting about ways to eat healthier, what a great protein source greek yogurt is and how you can slice and freeze your strawberries to use as "ice" in your smoothies. as we chatted this morning, i couldn't help but be a little excited when you expressed your joy in some great ideas i was offering. i was feeling eager and established as i offered you ideas on how to maintain the healthy lifestyle you are so diligently on track with. but as i was sitting there this morning i couldn't help but notice the attire i had thrown on today. in a rush {as always} this morning i threw on my go to black scrubs, twirled my hair a little to make that "o so caitlyn" twisted ponytail, made sure my make up was somewhat on, and grabbed my tennis shoes. i am now reflecting on this morning wardrobe rush because as i shared with you food options, i found myself happy, proud, and confident until....i looked down at those shoes i threw on and thought "how is she taking me seriously with my name stitched on my shoes." i would have offered you a little background on the shoes, but i thought that might not have been relevant to your session. but if i could have...i would have told you that these shoes were given to me by my amazing brother and sister during my freshman year of college. i would have expressed to you how much i "oooo-ed" and "ahhhh-ed" when i finally received them after designing them. i would have enlightened you on how appreciative i was for them and how much i rocked them! i would have told you that i do currently own another pair of tennis shoes, yet they went missing amidst the daily shuffle of life. and i would have also informed you that i too think it's time for new ones! i too think that as i step into my career it should be done with new nike's...some that lack that certain style of the "caitlyn" stitching. some that say, "while i am younger, i am still knowledgeable and serious, stylish yet professional." i would also have told you that i will have to wait to purchase these new and improved shoes when i do get paid for this counseling. so as i sit here and reflect for now i pose a challenge to you dear patient. for now i dare you to take me seriously in my caitlyn signed shoes...or maybe even better, lovely patient, you don't even notice my shoes and only notice the intelligence i exude. a girl can dream!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the man behind the woman of this blog

so yes i have posted a few pics of my main squeeze {do people still use that term...anywho...what about that one?} and now i will talk....gush... over some of my fav things in quick bulleted points
  • i love that he loves the Lord {biggest one}
  • i love that when i want to create something he knows he'll be figuring out dimensions and getting the supplies...o who am i kidding, he'll probably be constructing it as well...and he likes that
  • i love that even when i want to talk at midnight and he is half asleep he humors me and chats {for a little while-until his eye lids shut}
  • i love that he makes up random songs to pretty much anything he is saying {but then they get caught in my head and that's a little annoying...yet makes me smile}
and now i will leave you with a handsome picture of him on our wedding cute!
i will also leave you with another picture of a new man that has entered our lives...we are "aunt" and "uncle" to trindon lars ball

Saturday, March 5, 2011

me and my hunny

a pic of us enjoying a gorgeous wedding of friends ali & matt...notice i went with rudolph :) {product of fishing earlier that day}

yummy cakes: {bad iphone pics}
check out that groom's cake..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i want to be THAT girl

so i've decided i want to be that girl...the girl that sends a card when a friend is having a bad week, the girl that remembers people's birthday {those who know me well just laughed out loud i'm sure} with the help of a calendar, the girl that hand makes her cards to give them that special/personal that's my new endeavor! You just saw the "congrats" one and here's a birthday one i made for my bestest :)

enjoy some cottage cheese this week...great source of protein and wonderful in salads! i used to hate it...take it from me, it's divine!