Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's that time of the year

YAY!!! I LOVE this time of the year! My favorite holiday is in it (Thanksgiving!) and I love decorating, colder weather (as long as I'm inside), and apple cider. One of my favorite things to do during this season is to sit inside a quiet coffee shop with dim lighting drinking a skinny hot peppermint mocha (or hot chai) while the weather is cold outside. hmmmm I feel like some of best thinking has come from just that scenario :) ahhhh but back to reality (which includes sitting in my warm house and a finished yogurt next to me...almost as good of a situation!) I will now show you all the pictures I have been promising for a while
Chaz's classroom!!!
With all the anticipation I have built up for these pics please be prepared for some disappointment as the things we did aren't really THAT creative AND I only have 3 pics...but nonetheless ENJOY
These are boards in chaz's room that we decorated with moss to give a Louisiana theme (he teaches biology). The brown one was covered with a burlap fabric as it is a stick pin board. We painted the green trim on the white board because it was just a plain wood before.
Here's where the real work came in...Chaz and I chose the fabric for those chairs and recovered them....we also sanded down the wood to give a more vintage/guy feel. We recycled that table from an old bookshelf he had...we added the legs and painted it green (to match the white board). Chaz also painted the checkerboard and made the pieces (out of wood). That little cubby is now filled with games and puzzles and cards for the kids to enjoy when they finish their work (wait?! I thought he was supposed to be teaching :) ALSO yes ladies and gentleman what you see here is my very first attempt at a pillow (and a rather pathetic attempt if you ask me) BUT it does have little buttons on the side for the closure. I wish I would have showed you in the picture because it did give it a nice little touch!

So see unfortunately that's all I have but it definitely helped spruce the place up a bit!
And next on our blog for today are some pictures of our latest endeavor...our first Christmas tree! I guess you can say we got a little tree happy because we ended up taking home a 10 ft tree. Now while we do have a 12 foot vaulted ceiling the incline in the height is in the middle of our living room...needless to say we had to trim this sucker down!

Here is a picture of our tree prior to cutting it down...notice the size between me and the tree! I have to admit I had my speculations as to whether it would even FIT, but my husband assured me it would...
Now after 2 HOURS of trying to stand the tree on the base we ended up with this giant...anchored on the wall by fishing line! :)
CAN YOU SAY GIANT?!? My husband just laughed a lot this did I...what great memories!
So like I told you GINORMOUS...but at least we will learn for next year...or will we :) Got the lights on and some poinsettias...just need ornaments, a skirt, and WRAPPED gifts. How EXCITING!

FUN FOOD TIP: Have mushy bananas? Make banana 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 all-purpose flour. You can hardly taste the difference and at least you are getting some fiber! Go ahead, try it!

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