Saturday, May 8, 2010


YES, I did start this blog at 11:15 P.M. the weekend before finals week...also a month before one of the happiest days of my wedding! Why you ask? I've been DYING to get a blog going, but in a more spontaneous fashion-I was just sick of studying at the moment! So "redirected"...for the past year, I felt like Christ has been redirecting my heart in many ways

1.) I love kids...I used to not...I used to think I didn't want kids, but now I can't get enough of them! They make me laugh and I can see God's beauty in them! I want to wait a little while for kids...but not long!

2.) I want to be a homemaker...yes, the girl who was originally pre-med ready to be a doctor now wants to stay at home and raise kids, grow a garden, sew, paint, and dive into great books! I want to work for a little while, but I secretly pray Chaz gets a good job that enables me to stay home!

3.) I want to be this kind of relates to point #2, but let me elaborate. I was never good at drawing, painting, designing, or anything for that matter. But after all the book work (5 years in college) I am ready to be inspired! Planning this wedding has only fueled my passion and desire to be creative and I want to start NOW...this last year of school has been miserable because I no longer love school (yes I was that person that used to love to study and learn), but I now want to procrastinate and throw it all away to sew, paint, design, and whatever creative things I can think of. And I want to do all this creativeness for kids! :)

These are just a few ways God has directed my heart and I can't wait to see what He is preparing me for! AHH I love Him!

And now for my thing I just get so frustrated with is those word verification things. I understand the purpose is to decrease spam, but come on...who can read those things? Half the time they have to regenerate a new word for me because I can't tell the letters apart! A little help here ppl!!! I even had an example of this word verification device, but it got replaced on my clipboard with genetic metabolic disorders...ahhhh school be over NOW, please! till next time...

Here is a pic from one of the most AHHH MAZE ING websites; source of wedding creativeness!

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