Tuesday, June 28, 2011

not in chronological order

im bad about posting things in chronological order...but i find pictures i've uploaded and i have a desire to share the adventures. plus this is kind of how my life runs {scattered} so it's me! remember that beach trip we took on our anniversary with friends r & b? well we also enjoyed a bike ride to the public pier to view the sunset. needless to say it wasn't much of a sunset as the clouds got in the way. i think we saw it for a total of 5 minutes...yea. but at least we got exercise.
husband was showing us his mad biking skills

and here's the overly anticipated sunset
& the dueling moon making his debut...

the rest of the night was filled with basketball watching and board game playing!

Friday, June 24, 2011

sites of new orleans: intern style continued

in honor of graduation today i wanted to continue the sites of new orleans post and scream i will miss you girls!
usual jumping pic
the recovery pic is always the best!
street car ride
complete with a jam to justin beiber
a ferry ride

check out that skyline
and eating...of course
 it's been so swell girlies! you will all be fabulous in your career!
im so not great with change...slight waterworks

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the sites of new orleans: intern style

so since graduation is tomorrow...hold up, tomorrow? ahhh! 
k anyways yes since graduation is tomorrow, us interns wanted to spend as much time together doing the things we were too busy to do during school. therefore came a bucket list day. first on the list...eat!
and our first stop was this gorgeous bakery
looking for a bakery? who isn't? ok specifically need a bakery in new orleans? look no further...

i wish i could say i was big timing enough that they paid me to advertise but unfortunately {for me, but fortunately for them} they didn't. their food was so to die for i took it upon myself to scream it from the rooftops. no seriously...
i suggest the chocolate almond croissant...delish!
to be continued...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

two weeks ago

yo peeps, remember that little anniversary that happened recently...well is it bad that im just now writing about it?
we went out to eat at a cute little seafood place
our table was lit by candlelight

i wore this
we ate with forks that looked like fish
and we dined with friends that look like this
best 1-year eva! thanks r & b for joining!
my outfit= jeans: forever 21, shirts: borrowed, belt: forever 21

Sunday, June 19, 2011

another pinterest report

im entering a craft fair in november {fingers crossed}! thanks to a dear friend...hello lauren...that stated "i will pay your entry fee and sit with you at the booth if you just enter some of your stuff" how can a girl refuse that? and with that being said my mind began racing. my first thought of a craft fair is a bunch of older women selling their handmade knitted socks and beanies {although i am currently crocheting a super cool scarf-don't judge!}. not my generation yet, so i am determined to make my booth the "it" place. important questions i am battling include *wait, sarcasm in battling detected? ok proceed*...
how will i decorate the booth? 
what type of free food goodies will i offer? 
how much decorating is fun and not overkill for one day?

thus {side note, in proofreading this i noticed i accidentally typed "thugs" *i'm so gansta* continue} began the pinterest board of inspiration! these are a few items that have been swirling around this brain of mine, making me more and more excited...and scared!

am i going to have a tent or just a table? and if a tent wouldn't this decor be lovely? ok so maybe the chandelier is a little overboard...you think? remember im going for the "it" place so hold back nothing!

and if a tent, this inside of it is a must!

and i think i will offer these little freebies...cute and yummy!

and now for the products: handmade cards and...chalkboards {maybe-still thinking}. for the cards, i am thinking boxed card sets and some individual ones if people would prefer instead of a box.
while i will use my original designs i have been inspired by some other gorgeous pieces of work.
exhibit a:
i am loving that envelope!

and since christmas will be right around the corner, christmas cards will be offered. i love the background design of this card
as it gets closer ill be sure to provide more details if you are interested in attending. for now, i have work to do!
anyone entered a craft fair before? advice would be awesome!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

pinterest loves

im sure many of you have heard of pinterest and if you haven't...oh meeee gosh!
it is a fabulous site where you can make inspiration boards and see what others are inspired by as well. i love looking at all the beautiful photos and getting ideas for must-do projects. lately, i have been creating a board called "fashion frenzy" and just pinning some style things i see. here are some of my favs:

can you tell i've had this thing for stripes lately? o and blazers...im loving me some blazers!
when i was pinning i didn't even notice i pinned pretty much the same outfit from different people...wonder if either one of them was inspired by the other? 

aren't these nails fabulous?
inspired? go check it out! pinterest.com

Saturday, June 11, 2011

one year

dear husband,
i am so honored to be your bride. and this year has been so amazing. let's just be honest...always easy? nah. always funny? enh. but always loving and always special! God has provided in so many ways i hadn't even realized at first in giving me you, and i can't believe i get the pleasure of being your wife and best friend! let's celebrate enjoying the beach and let's have many more years k? ;)
courtney is the best wedding photographer. love her! here is a recap on her blog of our day one year ago!

Monday, June 6, 2011

few things i love

here a just a few things i love:
eating out with friends

skyping with out of state family {especially my handsome nephew!}
can you find waldo {ie. me}?

and above all...worshipping the Lord. questions? bring em!