Sunday, May 29, 2011


i know i've been a little m.i.a. just gets all understand though right?! well any-who i wanted to share with yall some exciting events over the weekend-the wedding of friends a&k! they are on their beach honeymoon right now and i couldn't be more jealous...and more happy for them. congrats you guys! 

here are some things that were part of this exciting event:

a gorgeous bride k!

a first dance at sunset

candle centerpieces and picture confetti {yes friends you can get anything on the internet}
and a bubble blowing exit...
such a fun and gorgeous evening.

and now for your viewing pleasure-a collage of the seriousness the reception brought!
and yes friends that is dr. p in an old time glass bottle used for toasting...vintage
{click on the picture to enlarge it}

Monday, May 16, 2011

reality slaps hard

shirt, necklace, and belt:f21; shorts: old navy; shoes: shoe carnival
we just got back from the beach and into reality. why can't everyday be on the beach? i really don't think i'd get tired of it. hmmm that's a thought....maybe in the future it can be. for now though i will enjoy the weekend trips, especially when we can share it with great friends and wonderful food! no seriously, we cooked everyday and we had the best food. us louisianians can cook...we may not have the best white sugary sandy beaches {ahhh} but we can cook well! 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a day in the life of...a birthday girl

my birthday was such a fun day! thanks to my handsome hubby {and amazing friends and family that continuously texted and called}, i felt extremely loved all day! it was such a gorgeous and memorable day and there may have been some happy tears at the end...may ;)

it all started on mothers' day when i received my gorgeous, fantastic, perfect, special...{o you get the idea} birthday/graduation gift from my main man and my parents

that is correct everyone...the canon rebel t1i...i am so stoked! that means many more amazing pics for my memories and my blog readers {ahhh much better than what the iphone could offer. no offense iphone... you've been so good, but i've moved on!} i just can't even fathom the idea that this camera is mine. it's so new and shiny and amazing! ahh we will be together for years to come!

and with that, my actual birthday started with coffee in guy knows me...
{the book on my nightstand is "vintage jesus" by mark good!}

 a little work throughout the day

and into the evening, it brought a gorgeous picnic by the lakefront complete with some of the best food the south has to offer!

we ended the day with a romantic snuggle on the couch with lots of blankets {& without the dogs on top of us} to a girlie movie! notice the bunny socks and tulle on the coffee table ha

the absolute best!
thanks again to husband of mine and everyone else that helped make this day so special! 
God is so good...all the time!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the day of my birth

so today is the day! the big {24}! not a very special birthday year, but it is another one today!

so far it has started off with coffee in bed {my husband knows me well} and ill be back to share more-especially the amazing/perfect/wonderful birthday gift i received! eekkk so excited! be back later!
*i love how remington cuddles with must have been his birthday gift!

-eat a little birthday cake today {you should even blow out a candle for me!}

Monday, May 9, 2011

diy mercury glass

so it has been a little while since my last tutorial {durn lack of internet at the casa} so with the time i had today i figured i'd throw it up there finally! i've been dying for some mercury glass but haven't had great luck finding it!

i had a ton of empty candle holders {i burn candles almost every day so needless to say i go through them quick}, so i figured why not do it myself?! here is what i have come up with after combining a few tutorials online together...hope you like em!

materials necessary

  • glass container
  • krylon "looking glass" spraypaint
  • plastic bag
  • metallic acrylic paint (i used copper, gold, and a little black)
  • makeup sponge/cotton ball

start off with an empty glass container...i cleaned out all the wax using a butter knife and my sweet muscles...HA...then i ran it through the dishwasher to get the remaining off. i suggest doing this without other dishes in it. the wax didn't sit on my dishes, but i'd hate for it to ruin some of yours, so just a suggestion
next i used krylon "looking glass" spray. i sprayed the inside of the container because this spray creates a dull finish on the side of glass you spray and a mirror finish on the opposite side of the glass
this is probably the hardest part because you want to lightly spray the glass enough to cover it but not to much to cause streaks. i just try to swirl the glass around to get the excess paint all over without leaving the vertical streaks, but it happens sometimes and you can fix it in the next step
next, i took a plastic bag and while the paint was still a little damp, i dabbed the inside of the glass to give that distressed look that mercury glass has. this is where you can dab away the streaks if you had any. can you tell this is my spray paint table ;)
the plastic bag gives this distressed finish {the black is from soot in the candle holder that i had left in this particular one}
i repeated the process of painting a thin coat and distressing one more time, then i let it dry out.

after it dried, i took a makeup sponge {you can use a makeup triangle, cotton pad, or anything small you can think of along the same lines} and dapped this paint {you can also use a little flat or metallic black if you don't have any soot left} in some of the open distressed areas to give a little glimpse of color and rust feel. 

just let it dry completely and here is what it looks like on the inside...

but more importantly here is what it looks like on the outside!

gorgeous! yay!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

life's a zoo

meet evelyn and harrison...our newest additions to the family

when i showed my dad his response was, "the landlord told you you could have pets, not a zoo" ha but i love the our pets are too sophisticated for any zoo. evelyn and harrison are enjoying their mini pool as we speak ;)

how are our dogs taking it you ask? well our lab (the one that is trained to retrieve ducks) is practicing good self control while the golden is thinking, "who cares about them look at me!" they'll all warm up and be one big family! we are introducing everyone slowly...i think the lab is taking it better; she is sleeping while e & h are squeaking as i type!