Tuesday, August 30, 2011

an unemployed housewife

so lately i've been experiencing a new realm...the life of a housewife. and i gotta say...it ain't easy. now as i say that i recognize people may be saying, "not easy? you don't even have kids" truth. however, the hard part isn't the actual housewife part. in fact, im loving that life. waking up with hubby and having time to fix his breakfast and lunch for the day. reading blogs and catching up on the news while drinking my morning cup o' jeaux {thats the louisiana spelling}. working on projects throughout the day around the house. cooking dinner and having quality time with my man. then quiet time and bed. not gonna lie, i'm enjoying it. however the hard part is being patient. because while i love this housewife living i need a job. we got da bills to pay and now that i'm finally finished with school i'm eager to put it into practice. but this seems to be the worst time to graduate. jobs have been slim to none and with no experience {oh except for that year of free labor...but i guess that doesn't count mr. employers}the pickins are even smaller.  now technically i've only been looking for ~a month {which is must better than how long many people have been looking i know} but i'm confused as to what i should do...should i get a part time job for fear i'd have to quit as soon as i start? do i work a full time job anywhere else besides my field even though i've specialized in my field and would take myself out of the job market? do i apply for jobs even if it means an hour and a half commute one way? or do i just wait?
but i praise God! husband has a job and i know there is a plan. i know the Lord has a job for me and he has provided our finances through mysterious ways {seriously! i often look at our bank account and wonder how it all gets taken care of!}. and just as He's been faithful through monetary ways, He will continue to provide all that we need. so i pray. i pray for direction, i pray for comfort, i pray for patience, but more importantly i pray for trust. and through God's provision, i act...

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Christa said...

The Holy Spirit will guide you. The Bible says that we will hear His voice behind us to guide us. I wish it said IN FRONT of us so that I would see/understand first and then follow the path but instead we often have to take that step in faith and listen to Him. I don't know the answer for you but I will say that trying to find the job I wanted after college was a very trying time for me too. Because I was single I was working a crappy mall job and living in an apartment that cost $350/month wondering WHY I couldn't get hired. It took 6 months for me to finally get the job I wanted. So I understand girl! Hang in there, keep praying and TRUST that God has a plan. On a side note, WE MISS Y'ALL!

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