Wednesday, August 24, 2011

craft room design

hi friends...ok so i know you've got more nutrition questions so let's have it!

in other news, as an unemployed wife i have taken it upon myself to be productive. with that comes the design of a craft room. hey, productivity comes in many shapes and sizes! while i will be posting some of my most frugalist {yep made that up} projects {unemployed} i will reveal to you all the inspirations of my design. granted this room will be a work in progress but i gotta get something set up. i need room to fix those clothes i keep messing with as my incessant need to restructure  my wardrobe{ie. cut and sew} continues. my idea for the room: navy & coral {with pops of yellow, gray, & white).
i just love the boldness the navy brings with the girlies of the coral. however, coral is not an easy color to find in fabrics so i have a feeling i'll be screen printing painting some shapes on pillows, etc.
and check out that sunburst will go perfect over my newly painted desk. now if only i could find enough paint sticks.
the myth about paint sticks: they are free and paint stores will give them to you freely. 
the truth: paint stores will give you one stick/gallon of paint freely unless you ask nicely and then they will give at max two! but in order to acquire all the paint sticks you need for this mirror you must visit a number of other paint stores and i just don't know if there are that many in the state of louisiana. uncertain of what the heck i'm even talking about with the paint sticks...check out my pinterest
and after the design comes the organization
actually, i've already done this and i have to say hubby was impressed...till i told him i found the idea on pinterest. durn my honesty
will this organization ever be possible? one can only hope...

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