Friday, August 26, 2011

q&a friday

alright and here we go...first question was about quinoa {pronounced keen-wah}:
quinoa, one of my favorite new foods, looks similar to cous cous yet is in the leafy family {related to spinach}. however, to get even crazier quinoa is a complete protein. that's right friends, so if you are vegetarian or just looking for some meatless options {cause lets just face it, meat can get expensive} quinoa is a great alternative because it has all the amino acids amounts necessary in a serving size. while most of you may say, "that does not substitute for a meat" {husband, i am reading your mind right now}, nutritionally it does! it is also a good source of fiber as well. double whammy! now quinoa actually cooks similar to rice in that you 1. put it in water, 2. bring it to a boil, 3. and cover it to simmer and cook the water out {you can actually cook it in a rice cooker as well}. it will quickly produce this gorgeous red or cream colored {depending on the color you get} circular grain look-a-like at a 1:3 ratio. this means that 1 cup uncooked makes 3 cups. another great thing is that it is neutral in taste so you can make it sweet or decide. oh and btw it's gluten-free so if you are needing to follow a gluten-free diet, this is another option. so quinoa...go check it out!
here are some great recipe sources:
another question i had was regarding some healthy snack options. great question, as i get this often! now the biggest thing with healthy snacks is that they need to be convenient cause let's just be honest, we often choose processed snacks because they are just that. so when you get home from the grocery store or the night before you have to bring your lunch, make your snacks convenient. cut them up, portion them out, package them...whatever you do, make them easy to grab&go. now some healthy snack options include:
  • popcorn {not the "movie theatre extra butter kind," but the smart pop or light kind}
  • yogurt {light&low sugar}
  • peanut butter & apples
  • hummus & whole-grain pita
  • carrots/celery & low-fat ranch
  • trail mix {make your own-add lightly salted nuts, dried fruit, and m&ms} 
  • low-fat cheese and apples
  • fresh fruit & a light yogurt fruit dip
  • cottage cheese & fruit
  • homemade peanut butter crackers {whole grain crackers with pb}
  • homemade smoothie {light yogurt, frozen fruit, & some oj}
  • ants on a log {celery with pb and raisins}

the possibilities are endless! 

questions, comments, concerns...let me know! and keep those nutrition questions coming...until next friday!

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KellyS said...

Thanks for the quinoa info...I've picked out a Quinoa Pilaf recipe to try soon! What are your thoughts on some of the weight-loss supplements out there? Are they healthy?

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