Friday, August 19, 2011

q&a friday

i've decided to try something new...since i'm an official rd {registered dietitian} and such, i want to share my knowledge with the world around me. so starting each friday i will answer nutrition questions you loyal followers submit. i know this blog is a smorgasbord {wow not easy to spell} so why not throw one more in the mix?! there is a lot of false nutrition information out there, so i'll be here helping differentiate between it all! do i know everything about nutrition? yes....ok ok no, but if  i don't, i will research it throughout the week and give you good sources to go to. 
so go ahead, throw some questions on this comment form and eagerly wait until friday for answers. come on...just click. you know you have one! like  which fiber granola bar is the best? or what about those whole grains in fruit loops, what's up with that?! or how do i eat out and eat healthy? see...there are tons of questions! so just hit the comment button, leave a quick one and that's that! 

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KellyS said...

So...tell me about quinoa. What is it? How do I prepare it? Why should I eat something I don't even know how to pronounce?!

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