Monday, August 15, 2011

an "official" weekend

this weekend was crazy busy and filled with fun, friends, and always food! it started with some of the most exciting news from within these past 6 years {well besides my engagement and wedding, but you get the picture}...i am officially a registered dietitian! yes you heard that right folks, i am official! after long hours and continuos classes {as well as that whole year of free labor} i have passed the test and can now officially tell you healthy ways to eat. whew! so after this exhausting test and exciting news, it was only proper that i sleep...for the rest of thursday. so that was kind of a blur. then on friday we celebrated the birth of a dear friend and enjoyed a little saints action! 
saturday, an event called "one for the orphan" where other people {pssh not me} ran a 5k and one man biked for 24 hours! thats correct....24 hours sans break for charity to support orphans in africa. 

i helped a friend in selling the stupendous products of a ministry called sak saum

you must check it out! i mean just look at this purse! perfection.
click the picture to order this purse. not your liking? there are so many other cute things on the site. you won't be disappointed! 

following, a continuation of my friend's birth celebration {we are serious about our birthdays around here} with a trip and all day event in lafayette. complete with shopping, food, and card game playing.

twas a good weekend and an amazing celebration for the end of an era...ahhh RD, thats me! and now for a job...

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