Sunday, June 19, 2011

another pinterest report

im entering a craft fair in november {fingers crossed}! thanks to a dear friend...hello lauren...that stated "i will pay your entry fee and sit with you at the booth if you just enter some of your stuff" how can a girl refuse that? and with that being said my mind began racing. my first thought of a craft fair is a bunch of older women selling their handmade knitted socks and beanies {although i am currently crocheting a super cool scarf-don't judge!}. not my generation yet, so i am determined to make my booth the "it" place. important questions i am battling include *wait, sarcasm in battling detected? ok proceed*...
how will i decorate the booth? 
what type of free food goodies will i offer? 
how much decorating is fun and not overkill for one day?

thus {side note, in proofreading this i noticed i accidentally typed "thugs" *i'm so gansta* continue} began the pinterest board of inspiration! these are a few items that have been swirling around this brain of mine, making me more and more excited...and scared!

am i going to have a tent or just a table? and if a tent wouldn't this decor be lovely? ok so maybe the chandelier is a little think? remember im going for the "it" place so hold back nothing!

and if a tent, this inside of it is a must!

and i think i will offer these little freebies...cute and yummy!

and now for the products: handmade cards and...chalkboards {maybe-still thinking}. for the cards, i am thinking boxed card sets and some individual ones if people would prefer instead of a box.
while i will use my original designs i have been inspired by some other gorgeous pieces of work.
exhibit a:
i am loving that envelope!

and since christmas will be right around the corner, christmas cards will be offered. i love the background design of this card
as it gets closer ill be sure to provide more details if you are interested in attending. for now, i have work to do!
anyone entered a craft fair before? advice would be awesome!

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