Monday, April 4, 2011

planter tutorial

here are the steps we followed to make the planter bench...the rest of the pictures (beside the supply one) are in black and white because i think it'll give a big punch of surprise once the reveal is complete!

step i: he attached the wooden braces to the metal bench

step ii: we attached plywood on top of wooden slats {this will hold your pots}. husband said {after it was done} he preferred not to do this step and just leave the slats but i liked the plywood base and you'll see why later.
step iii: we arranged the ceramic pots in the order that we wanted them to sit on the bench. this was when i woke up from my nap and saw that husband came up with the idea to scatter them sporadically. i loved it {he knows me fairly well}! he then drew a circle slightly smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the lip of the pot on the plywood.

step iv: using his new jigsaw...he cut out the circles he drew {going to use those circles for something but not sure what yet}
stay be continued :)

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