Thursday, April 7, 2011

locked out

so today started off...well lets just say just off...i locked myself out of the house with no car keys so i had to call my work and say i'd be late seeing as my husband now has to drive an hour and a half back to come unlock it! geez! but it does give me time to study and create this blog post so yay thats a positive! and at least i had my computer and phone! see good things come out of not so good things! so i will show yall the new dresser the hubster made for me! yep...thats what i said made...with no plans...on his mardi gras break week! gush! it's perfect and custom for the space in my room that needed it! thanks lucky are you to deal with me and my needs ;)

i painted the top with these cute gray stripes...isn't that box so pretty? i found it at a thrift!
o and just so you know my husband did come back and let me rest assured! :)

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