Friday, April 8, 2011

diy life

ahhh the life of a is what my breakfast table looks like...
ahhh so i know... i know...i haven't really been doing the nutrition tips and the truth is, i run out of things to talk about sometimes. i've been studying this for 5 years, so sometimes it's hard to remember questions that may come up. so if you have a specific nutrition question, shoot me a comment. yet as i was studying at the coffee shop this morning, i did come across a topic. granola!
yes, granola seems like such a healthy option, but be cautious! this food item packs a big punch in a small packet. sometimes these packs can carry the same amount of calories as a meal, with 1/4 of the day's worth of saturated fat {i just read a label with this much!} so while it is a better option than some other snacks, it should be enjoyed in smaller portions...sad but true! enjoy your granola, just don't overdue it!

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