Thursday, March 3, 2011

i want to be THAT girl

so i've decided i want to be that girl...the girl that sends a card when a friend is having a bad week, the girl that remembers people's birthday {those who know me well just laughed out loud i'm sure} with the help of a calendar, the girl that hand makes her cards to give them that special/personal that's my new endeavor! You just saw the "congrats" one and here's a birthday one i made for my bestest :)

enjoy some cottage cheese this week...great source of protein and wonderful in salads! i used to hate it...take it from me, it's divine!


KellyS said...

You are SOOO THAT girl!

Anonymous said...

I saw this card at cakes house! Loved it! You are so that girl! your healthy little tid bits!! I heart cottage cheese!

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