Thursday, March 10, 2011

the man behind the woman of this blog

so yes i have posted a few pics of my main squeeze {do people still use that term...anywho...what about that one?} and now i will talk....gush... over some of my fav things in quick bulleted points
  • i love that he loves the Lord {biggest one}
  • i love that when i want to create something he knows he'll be figuring out dimensions and getting the supplies...o who am i kidding, he'll probably be constructing it as well...and he likes that
  • i love that even when i want to talk at midnight and he is half asleep he humors me and chats {for a little while-until his eye lids shut}
  • i love that he makes up random songs to pretty much anything he is saying {but then they get caught in my head and that's a little annoying...yet makes me smile}
and now i will leave you with a handsome picture of him on our wedding cute!
i will also leave you with another picture of a new man that has entered our lives...we are "aunt" and "uncle" to trindon lars ball


Anonymous said...

Sweet post Cait!! Love you and MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

HOW have I not ever SEEN this post??? I love it! For obvious reasons... :)

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