Sunday, February 20, 2011

congrats and YAY

so my beautiful friend april just signed on her own new house {she's such a grown up now} and i wanted to send her her first piece of here it is. i think it turned out cute! one of her room's color schemes is grey and yellow {eeekkk i love!} so i wanted to incorporate that here
for this next project i have to give a huge shoutout to my husband...he is definitely the one who made this happen. Starting with the idea->finishing the project {he even let me take a nap while he was cutting and drilling, etc.} he conquered this beast. all i did was choose where i wanted the pots to go + got uberly excited at what herbs/flowers i was going to grow + almost teared up when he dropped one of my ceramic pots and broke it {and yes i HAD to have ceramic}. but its done and i can't explain how thrilled i am. i cannot wait to have fresh herbs and gorgeous flowers {im most excited about peonies...can you believe it? my own peonies!} o i just hope i have a green thumb!
Posted by Picasafinished project to come soon...

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