Monday, March 14, 2011

i dare you....

dear patient i just did a nutrition counseling session with for an hour,

we had a great time chatting about ways to eat healthier, what a great protein source greek yogurt is and how you can slice and freeze your strawberries to use as "ice" in your smoothies. as we chatted this morning, i couldn't help but be a little excited when you expressed your joy in some great ideas i was offering. i was feeling eager and established as i offered you ideas on how to maintain the healthy lifestyle you are so diligently on track with. but as i was sitting there this morning i couldn't help but notice the attire i had thrown on today. in a rush {as always} this morning i threw on my go to black scrubs, twirled my hair a little to make that "o so caitlyn" twisted ponytail, made sure my make up was somewhat on, and grabbed my tennis shoes. i am now reflecting on this morning wardrobe rush because as i shared with you food options, i found myself happy, proud, and confident until....i looked down at those shoes i threw on and thought "how is she taking me seriously with my name stitched on my shoes." i would have offered you a little background on the shoes, but i thought that might not have been relevant to your session. but if i could have...i would have told you that these shoes were given to me by my amazing brother and sister during my freshman year of college. i would have expressed to you how much i "oooo-ed" and "ahhhh-ed" when i finally received them after designing them. i would have enlightened you on how appreciative i was for them and how much i rocked them! i would have told you that i do currently own another pair of tennis shoes, yet they went missing amidst the daily shuffle of life. and i would have also informed you that i too think it's time for new ones! i too think that as i step into my career it should be done with new nike's...some that lack that certain style of the "caitlyn" stitching. some that say, "while i am younger, i am still knowledgeable and serious, stylish yet professional." i would also have told you that i will have to wait to purchase these new and improved shoes when i do get paid for this counseling. so as i sit here and reflect for now i pose a challenge to you dear patient. for now i dare you to take me seriously in my caitlyn signed shoes...or maybe even better, lovely patient, you don't even notice my shoes and only notice the intelligence i exude. a girl can dream!

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