Thursday, September 22, 2011

sunday morning conversation

top {aeropostale}; skirt {thrifted liz claiborne}; belt {forever21}; tie belt {thrifted christian dior}; shoes {thrifted target}
past sunday pre church convo:

me: "hunny, i'm dressed"
husband: "is that my tie?"
me: "uh huh {very proud of myself}, i was inspired by this blog"
husband: "oh geez"
me: "you love it???"
husband: "i love you..."
me: "you know one of the best things about being married? your wardrobe expands. ok well my wardrobe expands. not yours, i'd prefer you not wearing my wardrobe. but i can wear yours cause menswear is big right now!"
husband: "yeeeaaaa i don't know about letting you on my side anymore"
me: "but look how resourceful i am!" {i say as i'm walking out the room...}
and you know what, this conversation isn't even out of the norm
and yes ladies and gentleman {are there gentleman reading this? if so give a shout out!} not one but two pieces of this outfit were a whopping $1: that christian dior red polka dot tie {correct christian dior} and the ruffled perfect heels

Meet Virginia Design


Nicole said...

love the outfit! I can definitely imagine you two having that conversation! haha

Amanda said...

Saw you at the thrifoholics link-up ;) and love this outfit! Your "tie-belt" is terrific! I recently wore a belt on top of a scarf (inspired by a J Crew look - very similar) I haven't posted it yet but will soon if you'd like to take a look!
The whole outfit is so cute, loving the color combo!

CK said...

HA Nicole it was an awesome convo. aww thanks are so sweet! I will definitely check out your blog and anxiously await your outift!

Michelle said...

those shoes are killer! love the belt as well :)

sisters4saymoreismore said...

so freaking cute! newest follower!

CK said...

aww thanks michelle and selina. yay new friends...i mean followers...i mean both!

Allison Horton said...

Super cute!
I can hear that conversation in my head. love it???
...I love you...


Rebecca said...

I love the whole outfit!

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