Monday, September 19, 2011

prep work

so lately i've had honor of watchin these kiddos since we are now back in br . their parents, a&k, are good friends of husband and mine and since full time jobs have yet to see the gem in me {geez humbleness cait}, i'm able to come offer my help when needed. sometimes it's a crazy house...ok lots o' times its a crazy house {just check out her blog} but it's a ton of fun! it's that type of crazy fun. each one has such different personalities, but they are each so sweet and love jesus. plus it's good practice for when our chill' ren come along. but until then i'll love on theirs. 
i'm sure she convinced him that he looked better on the pink bike. by the end of the bike ride he was telling her the pink bike was his. yea she's that girl {genius}.
but every genius has their mistakes. 
yep a&k, he was on his way up. but i got him {after i snapped the picture}
yes they are twins and yes they look nothing alike.
{there's one more but she's in school}
thanks a&k for letting me love on your kids. so glad to be back!  

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