Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rockstar and a pyrotechnician

today i will accept rockstar status. let me back up to explain. my husband is a pyrotechnician...umm ok make sense now. so my husband shoots firework shows. he works for a firework company and aside from being a captain and environmental scientist, he is also licensed as a pyrotechnician. yep most random man you will know {especially when he sings his responses to me, that gets real random. i digress.} so when he is gone shooting firework shows, i am hanging out by myself and left to my own devices. this recent time i attempted to tackle something that has been beating me for a while...homemade bread. hence the rockstar status. while they didn't all turn out pretty, both the blueberry cinnamon rolls and mini monkey bread were phenomenal. therefore as aforementioned, today i accept rockstar status and am married to a pyrotechnician. rockstar + pyrotechnician=match made in heaven. k now back to earth.

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