Wednesday, July 13, 2011

pop's bday

yesterday was my dad's 60th birthday...thats right the big 60! the big surprise for this monumental birthday was a visit from my brother, his wife, and the first granbebe {they live in virginia} last week. so for his actual birthday, we celebrated low key and enjoyed some quality time and a few other items:
a spice cake complete with cream cheese frosting and pecan topping
i kept telling everyone i bought it to see what they would say. no one believed me. maybe it was the lack luster frosting job. but then they tasted it, and said then they would have believed i bought it. thank you betty for your mixes ;)
rhyming notes. a birthday tradition in our house is to have birthday signs that rhyme and contain the age we are turning. my dad has been making these signs since we were young and even though we don't live at the house anymore, he still continues them via text. whew thanks for technology! yes this rhyme=not the best, but you try sixty! not easy!
older people gifts: my dad's friend gave him a bunch of random gifts. o yea chia pet, large calculator, and even an oversized universal remote were just a few of them. lucky guy! 
then we participated in a little more tradition, not necessarily tradition that occurs ever year on his birthday but nonetheless occurring annually. we watched the all star baseball game and enjoyed tots, fries, and hot dogs. while this doesn't fall into the most nutritious category, sometimes you just gotta let go and enjoy the game!

there ya have it. low key and traditional. very much like my dad
there is grandbebe l when he was here for the visit...he's wearing a shirt that reads happy birthday pop pop

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