Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a day in the life of...a birthday girl

my birthday was such a fun day! thanks to my handsome hubby {and amazing friends and family that continuously texted and called}, i felt extremely loved all day! it was such a gorgeous and memorable day and there may have been some happy tears at the end...may ;)

it all started on mothers' day when i received my gorgeous, fantastic, perfect, special...{o you get the idea} birthday/graduation gift from my main man and my parents

that is correct everyone...the canon rebel t1i...i am so stoked! that means many more amazing pics for my memories and my blog readers {ahhh much better than what the iphone could offer. no offense iphone... you've been so good, but i've moved on!} i just can't even fathom the idea that this camera is mine. it's so new and shiny and amazing! ahh we will be together for years to come!

and with that, my actual birthday started with coffee in guy knows me...
{the book on my nightstand is "vintage jesus" by mark good!}

 a little work throughout the day

and into the evening, it brought a gorgeous picnic by the lakefront complete with some of the best food the south has to offer!

we ended the day with a romantic snuggle on the couch with lots of blankets {& without the dogs on top of us} to a girlie movie! notice the bunny socks and tulle on the coffee table ha

the absolute best!
thanks again to husband of mine and everyone else that helped make this day so special! 
God is so good...all the time!

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